New Social Support: Zynga Live Chat & Email Guide

Guide Updated: 27th April 2013

FarmVille and Zynga have launched their new Social Support site on There are 4 available support channels and out of these, the Social Support site and the Games' Forums are available to all players free of cost.

Apart from the above two, Zynga has a premium support for players who qualify. Players who qualify are those players who used to purchase Farm Cash in the game. This includes Email Support and Live Chat Support. Recently Zynga ended their Premium Support Service saying that Premium Support would be still available to those who had access to them earlier, however, no longer available to those who would start purchasing Farm Cash or Game Currency now.

If you were a paying player and had access to Live Chat Support and Email Support earlier, then these services should be still available to you. If you had access to just Email and not Live Chat earlier, then you will have access to only Email Support now. Do the following: 

STEP 1: Click here to visit the new social support page for FarmVille or Click on the Support Button found below the game screen. Skip the step 2 if you are already connected.

STEP 2: Click on Facebook Connect near the top of the support page to connect using your facebook account. You may want to change the privacy settings on the next pop up to make sure who can see your activities on the new support site.

After connecting, a Get Help button should appear to the middle right hand side of the page right under the Featured Articles.

Click on Get Help and it will take you to a new page with the Live Chat button and Email Us button. Only the Email Us button may appear to you if you did not have access to Live Chat before premium support was ended.

There is still a possible option for those who have access to neither of the above services. Zynga Support has an email address where you may send them an email directly. It is Send them an email in the above address and hope that they reply soon. Good Luck!

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