FarmVille Animal Workshop: A Complete Guide

Animal Workshop
The Animal Workshop or Bear Workshop is a crafting building  on the Mistletoe Lane and it's working is similar to the Monster Lab in FarmVille. Players may craft some cute Holiday animals in the Animal Workshop using Animal Spirits as ingredients. Scroll down to know more.

Shown below are the various stages of the Animal Workshop that may be seen during its expansion.
Animal Workshop: Stage 0
Animal Workshop: Stage 1
Animal Workshop: Stage 2

Animals spirits may be used to craft animals in the Animal Workshop. Five types of Animal Spirits will be used which are shown below.

Purple Spirit
Yellow Spirit
Pink Spirit
Blue Spirit
Green Spirit

To build an Animal Workshop you will require 20 each of Grain of Sugar, Grain of Spice, and Everything Nice.

Working of the Animal Workshop:
  • Place animals in the Workshop
  • Harvest the Workshop to collect Animal Spirits
  • Collect different types of Spirit and combine them to craft new animals in the Workshop
  • Place animals in the Workshop to master them faster

Tutorial Images Showing The Working Of the Animal Workshop

Chart below shows the animal spirit requirements for the different animals that may be crafted in the Animal Workshop.

Chart below shows the animal spirits produced by different animals in the Animal Workshop.

Animal Workshop: A Preview Of The Lab Inside

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