FarmVille Tree of Love: Win Awesome Prizes & Experience The Magic

FarmVille and Zynga may soon be releasing a special type of buildable called the Tree of Love! You will be able to place the Tree of Love on your farm and start harvesting it to collect presents! Open these presents to find special items of love including animals and decorations! Place the animals near the Tree of Love and watch them turn into more beautiful animals!

Showcasing  Tree of Love On The Loading Screen

Here are some tutorial images to let you have a better idea of how the Tree of Love is going to work.

The Tree of Love will go through a number of stages as it expands. These may be as shown below.
Stage 0
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 5

You will be adding Teddy Bears, Heart Leaves, and Cupid's Arrows to your Tree of Love to expand it to its final stage!
Teddy Bear
Heart Leaf
Cupid's Arrow

Below is a preview of the inside of the Tree of Love.

Below is a preview of all possible prizes that the Tree of Love may bring!

Loving Pegacorn
Magic Love Pegacorn
Love Roses
Red Roses
Heart Pig
Sunny Heart Pig
Pink Sheep
Lovestruck Sheep
Couple Of Kittens
Kitten Friends
Loving Cow
Cupid Cow
Loving Corgi
Wagging Corgi
Forbidden Love
True Love
Loving Dragon
Cupid Dragon
Valentine Duckling
Valentine Swan

After winning the first set of rewards like animals, you will be able to place them near the Tree of Love and it appears that they will transform into more beautiful animals depicting pure and mature love!

Valentine Duckling Turning Into Valentine Swan

Pink Sheep Turning Into Lovestruck Sheep

Forbidden Love Turning Into True Love

Loving Cow Turning Into Cupid Cow

Loving Pegacorn Turning Into Magic Love Pegacorn