FarmVille Atlantis Shipping License & Storage Transfer

It seems that FarmVille and Zynga have decided to release the Storage Transfer facility for the Atlantis along with the release of the new farm, that is on 4th March, 2013. It is expected that the Shipping License will be made available for purchase for a price of 250 Farm Cash initially. Thereafter, FarmVille may release a Beat Atlantis challenge, fulfilling which players will be awarded the Shipping License free of cost!

The Beat Atlantis challenge may consist of various tasks like expanding the Atlantis Palace completely, upgrading the Coral Cafe to 5-Star, mastering all Atlantis Crops to 3-Star, and unlocking the highest level animal in the Atlantis Marine Observatory. So do try to get a head start as soon as you are on the Atlantis!

FarmVille Loading Screen showcasing the Atlantis Shipping License

Click here for more information on the use and working of Storage Transfer and Shipping License.

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  1. I am still waiting for the free shipping license even though I have mastered all crops and animals and built everything as far as it can go. I never did see a Beat Atlantis Challenge. What's up with this? When can I get the free shipping license for Atlantis?

    1. There has not been a Beat Atlantis quest till the date. So there is no free shipping license for Atlantis. We have heard that a Beat Atlantis quest will be released in the near future.