FarmVille Baby Animal Day Gift Special Countdown

FarmVille and Zynga may soon be rolling out the Baby Animal Day Gift Special Countdown on the eve of Easter Celebrations! Similar to the previously released countdowns, this one will run 16 days during which you will be prompted to ask your friends to help you collect a certain number of one unique item each day. In turn you will be rewarded with an exclusive Baby Animal Gift item when you complete each day's task successfully! There will also be a bonus reward to be won at the end of the Countdown for its successful completion! Scroll down to have a look at all the possible rewards!

Baby Animals Countdown Pop Up Notification

As always, players will need to collect different stamps each day as the Countdown progresses, and each such complete collection will fetch them exclusive rewards!

Baby Animal Day Gift Special Countdown Animated Preview Of The Inside

Below we have shown some of the determined prizes that this Countdown will bring!

Puma Cub
Fennec Kit
Dragon Whelp
Gryphon Hatchling
Badger Cub
Baby Bird Tree
Baby Flying Fox
Potbelly Piglet
Corgi Puppy
Otter Pup
English Lop Kit
Lynx Cub
Mallard Duckling
Bassinet Tree
Baby Koala

At the end of the Baby Animal Day Countdown you may be rewarded with an exclusive Babysitter Unicorn for completing the Countdown successfully!

Baby Animal Day Countdown  Bonus Reward Animated Preview

Once you complete the Baby Animal Day Gift Special Countdown, you may be given an opportunity to play the whole Countdown all over again and win more of the same rewards provided there is time left to do it again!

Replay Baby Animals Countdown

Will you be playing the Baby Animals Countdown? Let us know by commenting below. Do visit our Facebook Fan Page if you have questions related to the game. Happy Farming and a very Happy Easter 2013!

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