FarmVille Planet Organic: Organic Crops, Recipes, & Organic Mastery Billboard

FarmVille and Zynga have released a new feature called the Planet Organic to farmers! This new feature consists of a new and wide range of Organic Crops and Recipes befitting a new Cascadian Farm.
The specialty of these crops will be that once mastered and certified as Organic Crops, these will give double XP, double Coins, and higher bushel yield forever!
These Certified Organic crops should give you 50% Organic Bushels and 50% Regular Bushels.
*Note, If you are not getting any Regular Bushels when you harvest: Try Using a Regular Bushel just before you harvest.

Plant Organic Pop Up Notification On Farm

Plant Organic Prize

The Planet Organic will feature an Organic Mastery Billboard of its own which will allow farmers to store all the mastery signs obtained from mastering the Organic Crops. It may be built and expanded through a number of building stages which are as shown below.

Organic Mastery Billboard Stage 0
Organic Mastery Billboard Stage 1
Organic Mastery Billboard Stage 2
Organic Mastery Billboard Stage 3
Organic Mastery Billboard Stage 4
Organic Mastery Billboard Stage 5
Organic Mastery Billboard Stage 6
Organic Mastery Billboard Stage Complete

Speaking of Organic Crops, farmers will be able to plant and harvest them on their farms to obtain respective bushels which are as shown below. It seems that there will be at least 20 different Organic crops!

Organic Blueberry Bushel
Organic Broccoli Bushel
Organic Carrots Bushel
Organic Cotton Bushel
Organic Eggplant Bushel
Organic Gift Crop Bushel
Organic Grape Bushel
Organic Lettuce Bushel
Organic Onion Bushel
Organic Pea Bushel
Organic Pepper Bushel
Organic Pink Bow Bushel
Organic Pumpkin Bushel
Organic Rainbow Bushel
Organic Raspberry Bushel
Organic Red Corn Bushel
Organic Soybean Bushel
Organic Strawberry Bushel
Organic Tomato Bushel
Organic Wheat Bushel

Note: To certify your Crops as Organic, you’ll need to have already mastered them to three stars. Once you have mastered a crop to 3 Stars that you can certify as Organic, plant and harvest that crop like you normally would. You’ll start earning points toward Organic Certification of that Crop automatically.To find out how many you need to harvest to certify these crops, hold your mouse over the Organic Drop Symbol.

Will all these crop bushels bear some use? Yes! The above shown bushels may be used to craft a wide range of new Organic Recipes. We found the following during our dig-up.

Berry Burst Pie
Eggplant Curry
Mixed Veggie Salad
Pea Pudding
Plush Pillow
Stem Latkes
Very Berry Gelatin

It seems that a special type of fertilizer  - called the Certified Bag of Organic Fertilizer will be used to boost the Organic Crops.

The Organic fertilizer can be applied to all crops!
When it it applied, It will give you:
Triple Mastery
Double Bushel Yield
Double XP

Certified Bag of Organic Fertilizer

These are indications that Organic Trees and Animals may also be introduced sometime in FarmVille! Hopefully we will be able to come up with more information on this soon!

To get this Organic Fertilizer:
Hold your mouse over the crop that you wish to apply it to.
*Note this must be done before the crop is ready to harvest.
Click on a plot and you will get a pop-up to apply Organic Fertilizer OR Apply Instant Grow.
The cost is 3 Farm Cash
To see if the fertilizer has been applied hold your mouse over a plot.

Comment below to let us know your views on the upcoming Organic Crops and Crafts. Happy Farming!