FarmVille What Type Of Traveler Are You? Voting Stages & Rewards

FarmVille and Zynga may soon release the Traveling Personality Voting Event in FarmVille! This time your friends get to vote on what should be your "Traveling Personality". Similar to the previously released Early Spring Personality Voting Event , this one will be a 12 stages voting event bringing exclusive early spring season rewards.  Scroll down to know more!

What Type Of Traveler Are You Pop Up Notification

Shown below are the various stages of the two Traveling Personality Buildings that may be seen as the voting event progresses.

What Type of Traveler Are You Animated Preview Of The Inside

This event is expected to run from March 12th to April 2nd, 2013.

The various stages of this voting  event and the determined prizes that may be won are shown below.


Goat Riding a Beach Bike
Goat Riding a Dutch Modern Bike
Chicken with Giant Backpack
Touristy Chicken Group
International Horse
Wild West Horse
Jetset Tree
Travel Tree
Big City Duck
Small Village Duck
Tropical Cat
Mountain Climber Cat
Mayan Stone
Modern Sculpture
Stationary Surf Dog
Pilot Dog
Snowshoeing Sheep
Penthouse Sheep
Hiking Moose
Lifeguard Moose
Bungee Jumping Seagull
Seagull with Camera
Shopping Unicorn
Flowery Unicorn

Tutorial Images Showing The Working of the Traveling Personality

For each combination of voting stage you complete you will receive a free Book of XP, instead of unlocking new things.

When sharing the post to the Feed, your friends will get a Special Delivery for helping out.

Traveling Personality Building I
Traveling Personality Building II

Are you in for this new voting event? What do you think about the rewards from the event? Let us know by commenting below! Do visit our Facebook Fan Page if you have questions regarding FarmVille. Happy Farming!