Unreleased Chained Gem Animals: 15th March, 2013

FarmVille and Zynga may soon release some chained Gem animals into the game! Information is unconfirmed as of now and the correct order and price of these new animals are not known. We shall be updating this post with more information as soon as we find out. Here are some of the upcoming Gem animals that we found.

Onyx Pegasus
Onyx Pegasus Foal
Black Rubycorn
Black Rubycorn Foal
Diamond Horse II
Diamond Foal II Foal
Emerald Horse
Emerald Foal
Sapphire Unicorn II
Sapphire Unicorn Foal II
Amber Chicken
Amber Egg
Quartz Cow
Quartz Calf
Gem Cow
Gem Calf
Peridot Peacock
Lapis Lazuli Lemur
Emerald Turtle
Amethyst Duck
Ruby Rabbit
Sapphire Sheep
Moon Stone Goat