Upcoming Leaderboards 27th March, 2013: What To Expect

The upcoming set of Leaderboards tasks for Wednesday the 27th of March, 2013 may consist of the following. Remember that this is correct as of the time of posting this. If something changes later we will do our level best to keep you updated.

Leaderboards Information: 27th March 2013

1.  Got Dairy?

Craft Dairy recipes.   

2. Currant Tomato Fest

Harvest the Currant Tomato* crop.

3. Crop Master

Master crops.
.*Currant Tomato is now available in the market.

Market Information
Additional Information
Mastery 600+600+600=1800
Harvest in 12 hours
Buy 55 Farm Coins
Harvest 150 Farm Coins

This is all that we have on the next week's Leaderboards in FarmVille! Do let us know if you found this information helpful. Visit our Facebook Fan Page if you have questions related to the game. Happy Farming!