A Free Orchard Harvester To Those Who Traveled Early To Australia

May be out of sheer kindness or sheer gratefulness (I think a clever marketing technique) Zynga is giving away a Free Orchard Harvester (worth 100 Farm Cash) to all those who purchased early access tickets to FarmVille Australia! To get a pop up like the one shown below, do the following:

1. Travel to the Australian farm if you are not there yet
2. Reload the Australian farm once

Scroll down further for an Useful Tip! 

You may not have a lot of orchards on Australia, so placing the Orchard Harvester there may be of little use to you because this vehicle may not be stored or transferred to other farms once placed on the current farm. So do the following:

1. After clicking on Place Now, do not put down the Vehicle. Just click on the Move Tool/Multi Tool that looks like an arrow pointer, and the Vehicle will go into your gift box.

2. Now travel to a farm where you have orchards and where you may make good use of the Orchard Harvester. I traveled to my favorite Home Farm.

3. Reaching there, look inside the gift box, search for the vehicle.

4. Remove the Orchard Harvester and place it on the farm. Now you are ready to go Vroom!! Vroom!!

Friends and farmers have been asking me, "What if I buy the early access ticket now, will I still get the Free orchard harvester?" Well, you may, but that is not guaranteed. I think Zynga is trying to make sure everyone would want to buy the early access tickets to the future farms. A 100 Farm Cash worth Vehicle in exchange for a 45 Farm Cash value ticket...not a bad deal at all for now.