FarmVille Alps Market Update: 25th April, 2013

FarmVille and Zynga have added some new limited edition market items in the Alps theme this Wednesday night. This market update includes new trees like the Alpenrose Tree, Accordian Tree, Mountain Gear Tree, Austrian Hat Tree, Moutain Pine Tree, and Edelweiss Tree. Animals include the Milk Maid Cow, Swiss Miss Duck, Snowy Alpine Ibex, Horn Blower Horse, and Wood Snail. In addition to these, there are also some decorations like the Festival Gnome, Rock Climbing Gnome, Swiss Chalet, and Swiss Alps. Below we have shown all these items along with their price.

Note: All new market items arrive after 9 PM Pacific Time Zone. It's never guaranteed that unreleased items will make their way to the market.

Alpenrose Tree
Accordian Tree
Mountain Gear Tree
Austrian Hat Tree
8 Farm Cash - Level I
14 Farm Cash- Level II
8 Farm Cash- Level I
14 Farm Cash- Level II

Moutain Pine Tree
Edelweiss Tree
6 Farm Cash - Level I
12 Farm Cash - Level II

Milk Maid Cow
Milk Maid Calf
Horn Blower Horse
Horn Blower Foal
20 Farm Cash
26 Farm Cash

Swiss Miss Duck
Snowy Alpine Ibex
Wood Snail
16 Farm Cash
14 Farm Cash
12 Farm Cash

Festival Gnome
Rock Climbing Gnome
Swiss Chalet
Swiss Alps
18 Farm Cash
14 Farm Cash
15 Farm Cash
12 Farm Cash

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