FarmVille Future Expansion Poll Hints At A Space Farm: 18th April, 2013

If you are one of those players who have always dreamt of a Space farm in FarmVille, then this is for you to know that FarmVille may finally be planning to water the seeds of your dream and grow it into a virtual Space farm some time in the future! Yes! FarmVille's newest survey poll asks farmers to rate four Space themed farm names as they like! In case none of these four names appeal to your mind, then you have been given an option to suggest a name of your choice!

Note: This survey poll was started on 18th April, 2013 and it is closed now.

Below are the images of some unreleased space animals and trees found in the FarmVille database.

Curled Horn Pegasus
Foggy Sheep
Helium Sheep
Hover Hooves Horse
Itzahari Chinchilla
Long Neck Giraffe
Space Alien Bunny
Space Alien Chicken
Space Alien Egg
Space Alien Cow
Space Alien Calf
Space Alien Horse
Space Alien Foal
Space Alien Pig
Space Alien Wolf
Space Mouse
Starred Fox
Sun Striped Beaver
Twinkle Dragon
White Sparkle Ferret
Wuzyfuzy Chipmunk
Fragmented Moon Tree
Giant Space Cloud Tree
Space Passage Tree
Space Pine Tree
Space Rock Tree
Starlight Fiber Tree
Alien Pig Balloon
Space Formation
Alien Avatar Costume
Meteorite Shards Crop

What are your views about this possible future expansion? Are you someone who cannot stand another new farm so soon and yet cannot wait to have a space farm? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below! More updates on the Space farm to follow soon!