FarmVille Unreleased Coffee Trees, Animals, & Decorations: 23rd April, 2013

FarmVille and Zynga may soon release some Coffee themed items in the game! These items include unreleased Coffee animals, trees and well as some decorations.  Scroll down for a preview of the Coffee items we found in the FarmVille database.

Note: It is not guaranteed that unreleased items will make it to the game.

Pouring Coffee Cups Fountain
Breakfast Scone Tree
Biscotti Tree
Donuts Tree
Espresso Foam Tree
French Press Tree
Iced Mint Mocha Tree
Spilling Coffee Tree
Sugar Cubes Tree

Coffee Kiosk
Coffe & Donut Shop

Barista Horse
Barista Foal
Biscotti Pegacorn
Biscotti Pegacorn Foal
Perky Pegacorn
Perky Pegacorn Foal
Coffee Cake Cow
Coffee Cake Calf
Faulait Cow
Faulait Calf
Perk Ewe Up
Donut Ewe Want Me