FarmVille Farm Bingo Game!

FarmVille and Zynga may soon release a Bingo Game or Farm Bingo Game in FarmVille! Basically this may be a game of luck and players will be able to collect Bingo Balls, hit these Bingo Balls on slots to match shapes and win awesome prizes! Scroll down for unreleased animation and images and to read more.

FarmVille Farm Bingo Pop Up

It appears that players will be able to try their luck at winning prizes from four different eras similar to the previously released Time Machine.

Farm Bingo: Fifties
Farm Bingo: Sixties
Farm Bingo: Seventies
Farm Bingo: Eighties

Below is a preview of the possible prizes from the four themes.

Farm Bingo: The 50's Rewards

Poodle Skirt Pegacorn
Designer Suit Cow
Horned Glasses Sheep
Bow Tree
At the Hop

Farm Bingo: The 60's Rewards

Greaser Pegacorn
Beehive Cow
Thick Glasses Sheep
Platform Shoes Tree
High School Bleachers

Farm Bingo: The 70's Rewards

Flower Child Pegacorn
Tie Dye Cow
Hustle Sheep
Sunglasses Tree
Disco Party

Farm Bingo: The 80's Rewards

Hair Band Pegacorn
Pop Cow
Rebel Sheep
Saddle Shoes Tree
Boombox Breakdance