FarmVille Iris Rainbow Pond

FarmVille and Zynga may soon be rolling out the Iris' Rainbow Pond or Rainbow Pond to farmers! Functionwise this new buidable may be similar to the Sunrise Forest and farmers will be able to harvest the Rainbow Pond to obtain Iris Rainbow seeds! The expected release date of this building is 15th May, 2013.

Build Iris' Rainbow Pond

You will require Fairy Magic, Rainbow Stardust, and Enchanted Mist to build and upgrade your Rainbow Pond. A larger Pond will award additional packs of Iris Rainbow seeds! Below is a table showing the requirements at each stage and also the total.

Fairy Magic

Star Dust

Enchanted Mist
Level 1 6 6 9 21
Level 2 8 8 12 28
Level 3 10 10 15 35
Level 4 15 15 22 52
Level 5 17 17 26 60
Level 6 20 20 29 69
Total 76 76 113 265

Below is a preview of the Iris Rainbow crop that you will be getting upon harvesting the Rainbow Pond. Please note that the images below will load only when Zynga makes them available. We expect them to go live by 15th May, 2013.

Rainbow Iris
Mastery Sign
Rainbow Iris Bushel

FarmVille Iris' Rainbow Pond Animated Preview