FarmVille Jade Falls Chapter 18 Quest Guide & Tips

FarmVille and Zynga have added the Jade Falls Chapter 18 Quests to the game! These quests are expected to run from 30th May, 2013 until 29th June, 2013. Scroll down for a preview of the requirements, rewards, and tips.

Jade Falls Chapter 18 Quest Guide

Starts: 30th May, 2013
Expires: 29th June, 2013

"I've done a lot of traveling recently, and what I have experienced really inspired new ideas for my firework craft. Each moment taught me something more. You are always helping around Jade Falls, perhaps if you help me relive my journey I can show you what I learned?"

Note: These quests may be carried out on all farms and should be repeatable according to the current game codes.

Quest Icon
Quest Requirements
Item To Ask
Quest Reward
Quest 1: Water Reflections
Harvest 30 Red Nori (8 Hrs Water Crop)
Harvest 30 Grouper (12 Hrs Water Crop)
Craft 2 Milk Teas
Reward: Siamese Friendly Fish Pond
Crop Alternative for Red Nori: Nori (12 Hrs)
Tip: Craft 2 Milk Teas in Tea Garden using 6 White Cloud Tea, 6 Azuki, & 6 Green Tea Bushels.
Quest 2: Plentiful Thoughts
Harvest 35 Brown Rice (12 Hrs)
Harvest 35 Nori (12 Hrs Water Crop)
Craft 2 Hamachi Maki
Reward: Asian Rosewood Tree
Crop Alternatives for Brown Rice are Rice (12 Hrs) and Sticky Rice (23 Hrs) . Crop Alternative for Nori is Red Nori (8 Hrs).
Tip: Craft 2 Hamachi Makis in Tea Garden using 2 Hamachi, 4 Nori, & 6 Rice Bushels.
Quest 3: Downy Time
Harvest 40 Chinese Cotton (23 Hrs Land Crop)
Harvest 40 White Cloud Tea (8 Hrs Land Crop)
Harvest Asian Rosewood Tree 2 Times
Reward: White Komodo Dragon
Crop Alternative for White Cloud Tea is Forbidden Tea (23 Hrs).
Tip: Harvest the Tree in Orchard
Quest 4: Seeing Green
Harvest 40 Green Onions (7 Hrs Land Crop)
Harvest 45 Jade Bamboo (12 Hrs Land Crop)
Harvest White Komodo Dragon 2 Times
Reward: Wandering Sage Gnome
Crop Alternative for Jade Bamboo is Bamboo (16 Hrs).
Tip: Harvest the Dragon in Zoo
Quest 5: Sun Spices
Harvest 45 Wasabi (16 Hrs Terrace Crop)
Harvest 45 Azuki (7 Hrs Land Crop)
Craft 3 Chow Meins
Reward: 1 Mystery Dart
Tip: Craft 3 Chow Meins in Tea Garden (2-Star) using 9 Jade Bamboo, 3 Sticky Rice, & 9 Basil Bushels.
Quest 6: Lotus Wonders
Harvest 45 Lotus (23 Hrs Land Crop)
Harvest 45 Chinese Daikon (7 Hrs Terrace Crop)
Master White Comodo Dragon to 1-Star (5 Harvests)
Reward: Shiba Inu
Crop Alternative for Chinese Daikon is Forbidden Daikon (8 Hrs).
Tip: Harvest the Dragon in Zoo
Quest 7: Sleeping on It
Harvest 50 Edamame (46 Hrs Land Crop)
Harvest 50 Horseradish (12 Hrs Land Crop)
Harvest Shiba Inu 2 Times
Reward: Olympic Asian Pear Tree
Tip: Harvest the Shiba Inu in Pet Run
Quest 8: Inner Spark
Harvest 50 Imperial Tea (23 Hrs Land Crop)
Harvest 50 Ginseng (8 Hrs)
Harvest Olympic Asian Pear Tree 2 Times
Reward: Chinese Gazebo
Crop Alternative for Imperial Tea is Forbidden Tea (23 Hrs). Crop Alternative for Ginseng is Forbidden Ginseng (23 Hrs).
Tip: Harvest the tree in Orchard
Quest 9: Raised with Love
Harvest 55 Baby Carrots (23 Hrs)
Harvest 50 Baby Corn (23 Hrs)
Master Shiba Inu to 1-Star (5 Harvests)
Reward: Moonbear Cub
Crop Alternative for Baby Carrot is Forbidden Carrot (23 Hrs).
Tip: Harvest the Shiba Inu in Pet Run
Quest 10: Fire on the Mountain
Harvest 55 Snap Peas (46 Hrs)
Harvest 50 Sticky Rice (23 Hrs Terrace Crop)
Harvest Moonbear Cub 3 Times
Reward: 1 Book of XP
Crop Alternatives for Sticky Rice are Rice (12 Hrs) and Brown Rice (12 Hrs).
Tip: Harvest the Moonbear Cub in Playpen
Quest 11: Forbidden Arts
Harvest 55 Sesame (23 Hrs Land Crop)
Harvest 55 Lowland Ginger (12 Hrs Land Crop)
Craft 3 Moon Cakes
Reward: Oriental Shorthair Cat
Crop Alternative for Lowland Ginger is Ginger (18 Hrs).
Tip: Craft 3 Moon Cakes in Tea Garden (2-Star) using 6 Baby Corn, 9 Chinese Cotton, & 9 Sugar Cane Bushels.
Quest 12: Finale Spectacular
Harvest 60 Jade Peanuts (69 Hrs Land Crop)
Harvest 60 Dragon Sparklers (8 Hrs)
Craft 3 Firework Flambes
Reward: Chinese Dragicorn
Tip: Craft 3 Firework Flambes in Tea Garden (4-Star) using 3 Jade Peanut, 4 Dragon Sparkler, & 3 Baby Carrot Bushels.

Note: Requirements may change without prior notice. We will do our best to keep you updated. You are, therefore, advised to keep checking the guide occasionally on our website.