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FarmVille Limited Edition Northern California Market Update: 20th May, 2013
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FarmVille and Zynga have have added some brand new Northen California items to the market this Sunday night! This update includes some new trees, new animals, as well as some decorations! Scroll down for a preview of all items along with their price.

Note: All new market items arrive after 9 PM PDT. Some images will load when Zynga makes them available. It is not guaranteed that unreleased items will make it to the market.


Note: In this case both the Chocolate Factory Tree and the Giant Chocolate Factory trees are level 2 trees and they do not have level 1's.

Flower Power Tree
City Parrots Tree
Foggy Skyline Tree
Sunset Skyline Tree
6 Farm Cash - Lvl 1
12 Farm Cash - Lvl 2
8 Farm Cash - Lvl 1
14 Farm Cash - Lvl 2

Tidepool Tree
Hot Air Balloon Tree
Chocolate Factory Tree
Giant Chocolate Factory Tree
8 Farm Cash - Lvl 1
14 Farm Cash - Lvl 2
14 Farm Cash - Lvl 2
14 Farm Cash - Lvl 2

Giant Flower Power Tree
Giant Foggy Skyline Tree
Giant Hot Air Balloon Tree
Giant Tidepool Tree
14 Farm Cash - Lvl 2
14 Farm Cash - Lvl 2
14 Farm Cash - Lvl 2
14 Farm Cash - Lvl 2

Giant City Parrots Tree
Farm Cash - Lvl 2


Tie Dye Unicorn
Tie Dye Unicorn Foal
Syrah Pegacorn
Syrah Pegacorn Foal
Tie Dye Unicorn - 30 Farm Cash
Syrah Pegacorn - 25 Farm Cash

Sommelier Goat
Footbag Hog
Cabernet Grape Sheep
14 Farm Cash
16 Farm Cash
16 Farm Cash


Hipster City Gnome
Haight / Ashbury Sign
Toasting Ducks
Seagull Deco
12 Farm Cash
50,000 Farm Coins
12 Farm Cash
4 Farm Cash

Will you be purchasing any of these items? Let us know by commenting below! Visit our Facebook Fan Page if you have questions related to the game. Happy Farming!

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