FarmVille Prom Fashion Personality: Voting Stages & Rewards

FarmVille and Zynga may soon be rolling out the Prom Fashion Personality Voting Event to farmers! This time your friends get to vote on what should be your "Prom Fashion". Scroll down to read more and for a preview of all the stages and rewards to be won from this event.

Note: This event is expected to start on 14th May, 2013. Some images will load when Zynga makes them available.

Prom Fashion Pop Up Notification On Farm

There will be two different types of Prom Pavilion as shown below and these will expand through various stages as the voting event progresses. Players may get to keep one of the two buildings at the end of the event.
Prom Fashion: Stage 0
Prom Fashion: Stage 1
Prom Fashion: Stage 2

Prom Fashion: Pavilion I
Prom Fashion: Pavilion II

The various stages of this voting  event and the determined prizes that may be won are shown below.

Reward 1
Reward 2
High Fashion Chicken
Suitor Duck
Poofy Skirt Cow
Evening Cow
Sock Hop Poodle
Mod Doberman
Tuxedo Giraffe
Semi-Formal Giraffe
Big Bow Bear
Prom Bear
Punk Prom Gnome
Disco Prom Gnome
Victorian Horse
Goth Horse
Country Prom Table
City Prom Table
Pumps Tree
Flats Tree
Hair Up Tree
Hair Down Tree
Enchanting Pegasus
Mysterious Pegasus
Elegant Pegacorn
Glamorous Pegacorn

Prom Fashion Animated Preview Of The Inside

Tutorial Images Showing The Working of Prom Fashion Personality

For each combination of voting stage you complete you will receive a free Book of XP, instead of unlocking new things.

When sharing the post to the Feed, your friends will get a Special Delivery for helping out.

Prom Fashion Pavilion I Animated Preview

Prom Fashion Pavilion II Animated Preview

Are you in for this new voting event? What do you think about the rewards from the event? Let us know by commenting below! Do visit our Facebook Fan Page if you have questions regarding FarmVille. Happy Farming!