FarmVille Unreleased Items: 10th May, 2013

FarmVille and Zynga may soon release some new items in the game including some new trees, animals, and decorations. Scroll down for a preview of their unreleased images and remember to share the post! Happy Farming!

Ring Around Tree
Pink Cucumber Magnolia Tree
Blue Fhuz Tree
Chowder Bowl Tree
Spring Showers Tree
Monarch Butterflies Tree
Pink Magnolia Tree
California Bridge Tree
Norcal Black Bear
Student Council Corgi
Purple Corn Cow
Peach Panda
Lucky Cherry Unicorn
Lucky Cherry Unicorn Foal
Farm Prom Limo
Bubble Pipe Tree
Assistant Snoop
Inspector Gnome
Pipeing Hot Tub
Puppy Wagon
Garden Bench Cat
Hover Hooves Foal
Street Performer Calf
Detective Pegacorn
Detective Pegacorn Foal
Secretary Cow
Secretary Calf