FarmVille Caring Tree & World Food Programme

FarmVille and Zynga may soon release the Caring Tree to farmers! Unlike any other tree, the Caring Tree will be a special tree released as part of a Charitable event launched by the World Food Programme in association with FarmVille and Zynga to raise donations for the poor and the needy.  There will also be a number of special prizes to be won from this upcoming event! Scroll down for a preview of the unreleased images, animations, and to know more.

FarmVille Caring Tree Pop Up Notification On Farm

Farmers will be able to harvest the Caring Tree to obtain exciting prizes! It is unknown as this time whether there will be building parts or something else to be added to the Caring tree to expand it through the stages shown below.
Caring Tree Stage 1
Caring Tree Stage 2
Caring Tree Stage 3
Caring Tree Stage 4
Caring Tree Stage 5
Caring Tree Stage 6

Below are some tutorial images showing how the Caring Tree is going to work.

Tutorial Images Showing The Working of Caring Tree

Below we have shown the possible prizes that may be coming from this feature.

Brussel Sprout Tree
Mixed Green Salad Tree
Pineapple Upside Down Tree
Pink Cucumber Magnolia Tree
Rambutan Tree
Blueberry Bear
Cabbage Cat
Lucky Cherry Unicorn
Lucky Cherry Unicorn Foal
Peach Panda
Pegacorn Of Plenty
Pegacorn Of Plenty Foal
Purple Corn Cow
Purple Corn Calf
Strawberry Milk Cow
Strawberry Milk Calf
Watermelon Zebra
Watermelon Zebra Foal
World Food Program Stallion
World Food Program Stallion Foal
Puppy Wagon

Not all of the above items may be rewards. Some of these may possibly be items that farmers will be able to purchase from the market. Zynga will donate a percentage of the fund raised through this event to the World Food Programme. Keep visiting The DiggER blog and DiggER Fan Page for more information coming soon! Happy Farming!