FarmVille Celestial Pastures Chapter 5 Quest Guide & Tips

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FarmVille and Zynga have added the Celestial Pastures Chapter 5 Quests to the game! These quests are expected to run from 8th July, 2013 until 15th July, 2013. Scroll down for a preview of the requirements, rewards, and tips.

Celestial Pastures Chapter 5 Quest Guide

"While Brax and Zosma continue their investigation of the slime monster Sloog...That same slime monster has just taken on the form of Brax! BOP! What have I sssaid about leaving your ssstorybooksss everywhere? You have to clean them up! Otherwissse that Sssloog might come over here and ssslime them!"

Note: This quest is supposed to be carried out on the Celestial Pastures farm only. However, if the quest icon for a respective quest be visible on any other farm, then you may carry out the specific quest on that farm.

Quest Icon
Quest Requirements
Item To Ask
Quest Reward
Quest 1: Tyrannosaurus Brax
Get 7 Itty Bitty Kitty Litters
Harvest 80 White Dwarf Sunflowers (23 Hrs)
Harvest Space Guardian 2 Times
Reward: Night Sky Panther
Tip: Harvest the Space Guardian once a day or pay to harvest again immediately.Itty Bitty Kitty LitterNight Sky Panther
Quest 2: Out Standing in His Field
Get  Force Field Projectors
Harvest 115 Turni Carrots (16 Hrs)
Harvest Night Sky Panther 2 Times
Reward: Saturn Rings Tree
Tip: Harvest the Panther in ZooForce Field ProjectorSaturn Rings Tree
Quest 3: To See Inside
Get 9 D.O.G. Scans
Harvest 135 Pod Peas (12 Hrs)
Craft 1 Cuddy Sweater in Yarn Barn
Reward: Sunrise Shiba
Tip: Craft 1 Cuddly Sweater in Yarn Barn using 1 Wool Yarn, 1 Cotton Thread, & 2 Alpaca YarnsD.O.G. ScanSunrise Shiba
Quest 4: Midnight Trap
Get 9 Trap-O-Matics
Harvest 160 Thuck Wheat (12 Hrs)
Master Night Sky Panther to 1-Star (5 Harvests)
Reward: Hover Pig
Tip: Harvest the Panther in ZooTrap-O-MaticHover Pig
Quest 5: Ride 'em Cow-Brax!
Get 10 Laser Lassos
Harvest 190 Violet Vein Spinach (14 Hrs)
Craft 1 Rock n Ramen recipe
Reward: Krabby Pegasus
Tip: Craft 1 Rock n Ramen in Crystal Cottage (2-Star) using 3 Thuck Wheat, 3 Pod Peas, & 3 Turni Carrot BushelsLaser LassoKrabby Pegasus
Quest 6: Net Losses
Get 12 Nanofiber Nets
Harvest 225 Dazzlers (46 Hrs)
Craft 2 Big Red Buttons in Craftshop
Reward: Net Gnome
Tip: Craft 2 Big Red Button in Craftshop using 6 Violet Vein Spinach Bushels, 4 Sorghum Bushels, & 2 Cherry BasketsNanofiber NetNet Gnome

Note: Requirements may change without prior notice. We will do our best to keep you updated. You are, therefore, advised to keep checking the guide occasionally on our website.

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  1. Looks like I'll have some free time next week - sick & tired of paying FV$ for expansions just so I can do the quests in a reasonable time, and still no coin expansion being offered, so ...