FarmVille Celestial Pastures: Slime Pile Treasures & Their Contents

Treasures in FarmVille Celestial Pastures called the Slime Piles have rewards hidden in them and which may be obtained by uncovering the treasures. There are four different types of treasure which are Small Slime Pile, Medium Slime Pile, Large Slime Pile, and Extra Large Slime Pile. Each type of Slime Pile when uncovered reveals different reward items which are as shown below.

For information on parts required to uncover the Slime Piles, click here.

Small Slime Pile
Medium Slime Pile
Large Slime Pile
Xtra Large Slime Pile
Blue Sun Monkey
Crystal Fuzz Flowerbox
Saber Cat
Bump Back Boar
Space Dusted Toad
Seeing Space Formation
Long Neck
Pink Puff Tree
Gel Octi
Stardust Fountain
Fooz Bal
Fwuzzy Cow
Shooting Star Sign
Micro Mini Moon
Fur Ball Tree
Moon Shine Raptor
Space Hamster
Floating Crystal Rocks
Starlight Fiber Tree
Mezzo Pony
Crater Warthog
Pong Ping
Starred Fox
Comet Shell Tortoise
Crystal Rock Arch
Space Mouse
Tuft Top Tree
Space Cadette Gnome
Cosmic Lycra Gnome
Crystal Spire
Gem Pocket Tree
Planet Puffs
Wok Wok
Basher Bull
Yellow Fuz Ostrich
Galactic Gallop Unicorn
Fragmented Moon Tree
Crystal Horned Deer
Sun Striped Beaver
Space Pine Tree
Two Toe Bear
Cosmic Drago
Space Cloud Tree

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