FarmVille Magic Beanstalk: How It Works

FarmVille and Zynga have rolled out the Magic Beanstalk to farmers once again! Yes, the Magic Beanstalk was released last year, that is in 2012. And now that you have got it once again, let us know more about the mysterious Magic Beanstalk! Read below to know everything about the Magic Beanstalk.

Place the Magic Beanstalk (Magic Beans) on your farm. Harvest it once a day to obtain Coins! With each harvest it grows! If you fail to harvest it, then it shrinks! Keep harvesting it and it will grow into a tall and beautiful Magic Beanstalk! Scroll down for a preview of the various stages.

Magic Beanstalk Pop Up Notification On Farm

Magic Beanstalk Stages

Magic Beanstalk
Stage 0
Magic Beanstalk
Stage 1
Magic Beanstalk
Stage 2
Magic Beanstalk
Stage 3
Magic Beanstalk
Stage 4

Below is a screenshot of the dialogue box explaining how the Magic Beanstalk works.

Apart from the above, if you mouse over the Magic Beanstalk you may see a button appear over it as shown. Confusing eh? I feel the same!

If you click on the Magic Beanstalk before it is ready to harvest, then you will have the options to Move it and Sell it.

That's all we know about the Magic Beanstalk at this time. If Zynga adds any more functions to it, then we shall come up with more information for you. Happy Farming!

Magic Bean Stalk Animated Preview