FarmVille Social Sheep Feature

FarmVille and Zynga may soon introduce the Social Sheep or Prize Sheep feature in the game! This will be similar to the previously released Prize Pig feature and somewhat like the Dream Unicorn feature. Once again farmers will be able to work together with their neighbors to feed and grow special Prize Sheep and unlock exclusive new sheep and prizes in the game! These sheep may be broadly divided into 5 categories - Stunning, Silly, Shaggy, Snazzy, and Serene. Scroll down to take a look at the unreleased images we found!

First let us take a look at the pop up notification for the Social Sheep feature!

FarmVille Social Sheep Pop Up Notification On Farm

Loading Screen Showcasing The FarmVille Social Sheep Feature

Similar to the Prize Pig feature, the Prize Sheep feature may also have an Weigh In system to weigh Sheep. Below is an animation suggestion so.

FarmVille Social Sheep: Weigh In Feature

The table below shows the various Social Sheep or Prize Sheep which may be raised with the help of neighbors. These may be categorized into the StunningSillyShaggySnazzy, and Serene types.

Stunning Lamb
Silly Lamb
Shaggy Lamb
Snazzy Lamb
Serene Lamb
Stunning Sheep
Silly Sheep Shaggy Sheep
Snazzy Sheep Serene Sheep
Stunning Blue Silly Glasses
Shaggy Ribbon
Snazzy Belle
Serene Lotus
Stunning Green
Silly Mime
Shaggy Kid
Snazzy Hipster
Serene Bonsai
Stunning Pink
Silly String
Shaggy Jamaican
Snazzy Suave
Serene Rocky
Stunning Purple
Silly Fool
Shaggy Tie-Dye
Snazzy Elegant
Serene Bamboo

Stunning Emerald Silly Clown

Stunning Sapphire

Stunning Amethyst

Stunning Tourmaline

Similar to the previously released prize features, the Social Sheep feature will award farmers with certain items for completing each lamb to 100. Below we have shown all the possible prizes associated with this feature.

Purple Smoke Tree
Pomelo Tree
Prize Sheep Statue
Sheep Horse
Accountant Sheep
Pea Ewe
Sleepy Sheep
Sheep Stage
Crape Myrtle Tree

Farmers will need to collect Flower Drinks or Flower Smoothies in order to feed and grow the lambs or Sheep Consumable. The Flower Drinks may be crafted in the Craftshop.

Growable Sheep
Flower Drink

To craft a Flower Smoothie farmers will require 3 Forbs bushels, 3 Kudzu hushels and 3 Oats bushels.

--Ingredients-- --Ingredients-- --Ingredients-- --Product--

3 Forbs Bushels

3 Kudzu Bushels

3 Oats Bushels

Flower Smoothie

Finally here is an animated preview of the inside of the Social Sheep feature.

FarmVille Social Sheep: Look Inside Preview

More information will be added as we find out! Comment below to let us know what you think about this upcoming feature! Happy Farming!