FarmVille Space Escapade: Brax's Tribute Challenge

FarmVille and Zynga may soon be rolling out the Space Escapade or Brax's Tribute Challenge to farmers! The entire event may be divided into 12 different stages during which you will be prompted to complete some tasks in order to fetch you some new and exclusive rewards! Scroll down to have a preview of the various stages and the determined rewards to be won from this event.

Note: This event is expected to run from 10th June2013 to 1st July2013.

The table below shows the various stages along with the requirements and rewards from this escapade.

Stage 1
Task 1:
Get 6 Royal Carpets
Task 2:
Get 6 Flower Petals
Task 3:
Get 8 Bowls of Fruit
Crystal Crown Tree
10th June to 13th June 2013
Stage 2
Task: Get 5 Palm Fans
Fanning Pig
13th June to 15th June 2013
Stage 3
Task: Get 6 friends to help
Court Jester Duck
15th June to 16th June 2013
Stage 4
Task: Get 4 Sashes
Scribe Chicken
16th June to 17th June 2013
Stage 5
Task: Get 4 friends to help
Giant Tribute Tree
17th June to 18th June 2013
Stage 6
Task 1:
Get 6 Stuffed Subjects
Task 2:
Get 6 Castle Blocks
Task 3:
Get 8 Goblets
Crystal Fruit Bowl
18th June to 21st June 2013
Stage 7
Task: Get 8 Brax Potraits
Goblet Fountain
21st June to 23rd June 2013
Stage 8
Task: Get 5 friends to help
King Brax Statue
23rd June to 24th June 2013
Stage 9
Task 1:
Get 6 Crystal Crowns
Task 2:
Get 6 Crystal Studs
Task 3:
Get 8 Embellish Paints
Palm Canopy
24th June to 26th June 2013
Stage 10
Task 1:
Get 5 Bedazzled Booster Seats
Task 2:
Get 6 Crystal Scepters
Task 3:
Get 8 Furred Mantles
Mantle Horse
26th June to 29th June 2013
Stage 11
Task: Get 6 Crystal Crowns
Taste Tester Tiger
29th June to 30th June 2013
Stage 12
Task: Get 5 friends to help
Star Stead Pegacorn
30th June to 1st July 2013

We shall update this post with more images once they go live! So do visit us again for the latest in FarmVille! Happy Farming!