FarmVille Summer Camp Escapade 2013

With the Graduation Escapade coming to an end, FarmVille and Zynga may soon be rolling out the Summer Camp escapade to farmers! The entire event may be divided into 12 different stages during which players will be able to win some exclusive Camping items by fulfilling some given tasks! Scroll down to take a look at the unreleased images and animations we found.

Note: This event is expected to go live on 2nd July, 2013.

FarmVille Summer Camp Escapade Pop Up Notification On Farm

FarmVille Summer Camp Escapade Look Inside Preview

Finally, let us take a look at the possible rewards to be won from this escapade.

Scout Leader Pegacorn
Scout Leader Pegacorn Foal
Backpacker Horse
Backpacker Foal
Canoe Cow
Canoe Calf
Scout Cub
Sleeping Bag Pig
Trail Blazer Retriever
Wild Wolf
S’more Sheep
S’more Campfire
Camp Float Inflatable
Scout Leader Gnome
Trail Gear Tree
Canoe Tree

Below are some tutorial images suggesting how the Summer Camp escapade will work.

Tutorial Images Showing The Working of the Summer Camp Adventure

More information regarding the stages and their requirements will be added to this post as soon as we find out! So keep visiting us at The DiggER to learn more about the unreleased Summer Camp Escapade. Happy Farming!