FarmVille Candy Countdown

FarmVille and Zynga may soon be rolling out the Candy Countdown to farmers! Similar to the previously released countdowns, this one will run 16 days during which you will be prompted to ask your friends to help you collect a certain number of one unique stamp each day. In return you will be rewarded with an exclusive Candy themed Gift item when you complete each day's task successfully! There will also be a bonus reward to be won at the end of the Countdown for its successful completion! Scroll down to have a look at all the possible rewards!
As always, farmers will be asking for clicks on stamps which are as shown below. Note that not all images are available at this time.

Now let us take a look at the possible rewards from this countdown! Items shown may not be in order.

Rock Candy Turtle
Sweet Pomeranian
Pinata Tree
Cookie Jar Cub
Marshmallow Bunny
Sweet n Sour Gnomes
Lollipop Elephant
Gummy Baby Octi
Pastry Tree
Pouch Packed Joey
Frosting Baby Monkey
Pink Cotton Piglet
Pastry Chef Unicorn
Ice Cream Eater
Strawberry Malt Panda
Candy Jar Tree

Upon successful completion of the Candy Countdown, farmers will be rewarded a Chocolatier Pegacorn (Unconfirmed) as the bonus prize!

Chocolatier Pegacorn Animated Preview

We shall add more information and images to this post once we find out. So stay tuned for all of our updates! Happy Farming!