FarmVille Celestial Pastures Chapter 7 Quest Guide & Tips

FarmVille and Zynga have added the Celestial Pastures Chapter 7 Quests to the game! These quests are expected to run from 22nd July, 2013 until 29th July, 2013. Scroll down for a preview of the requirements, rewards, and tips.

Celestial Pastures Chapter 7 Quest Guide

"In our last episode...Sloog and Bop bonded over the sheer cuteness of baby alienimals, While Brax and Zosma discovered the key to stopping Sloog! This is it, Zosma! The reactor remote control gives us POWER over Sloog! We just have to get close enough to use it...Which means that we're going on a STEALTH MISSION!"

Note: This quest is supposed to be carried out on the Celestial Pastures farm only. However, if the quest icon for a respective quest be visible on any other farm, then you may carry out the specific quest on that farm.

Quest Icon
Quest Requirements
Item To Ask
Quest Reward
Quest 1: Mission: Im-Brax-tical
Get 7 Night Vision Viewscopes
Harvest 100 Sun Dipped Pepper (20 Hrs)
Harvest Space Ship 2 Times
Reward: Picadillo
Tip: The Space Ship may be harvested once every 12 hours.
Quest 2: Sneaker Doodles
Get 8 Silent Shoes
Harvest 140 Star Puff Cotton (12 Hrs)
Harvest Picadillo 2 Times
Reward: Koi Scaled Cow
Tip: Harvest the Picadillo in Pet Run
Quest 3: It's Go Time!
Get 9 Synchronized Watches
Harvest 170 Ooval Tomatoes (10 Hrs)
Craft 2 Portal Windows
Reward: Plumicorn
Tip: Craft 2 Portal Windows in Craftshop using 6 Star Puff Cotton Bushels, 8 Strawberry Bushels, & 2 Orange Baskets.
Quest 4: Stop, Crop, and Growl
Get 9 Stop Signs
Harvest 200 Violet Vein Spinach (14 Hrs)
Master Picadillo to 1-Star (5 Harvests)
Reward: Traffic Light Tree
Tip: Harvest the Picadillo in Pet Run
Quest 5: Proof of the Pudding
Get 10 Video Archives
Harvest 240 Solar Flare Beans (23 Hrs)
Craft any 2 recipes in the Knitter in Yarn Barn
Reward: Hologram Robot
Tip: Click here for Yarn Barn recipe guide
Quest 6: To Forgive Deslime
Get 12 Slimy Hugs
Harvest 280 Dazzlers (46 Hrs)
Craft 2 Ooval Tomato Aspic recipes
Reward: Space Alien Bear
Tip: Craft 2 Ooval Tomato Aspics in the Crystal Cottage (3-Star) using 6 Ooval Tomato, 6 Sun Dipped Pepper, & 6 Violet Vein Spinach Bushels

Note: Requirements may change without prior notice. We will do our best to keep you updated. You are, therefore, advised to keep checking the guide occasionally on our website.