FarmVille Fruit Festival Escapade

With the Summer Camp Adventure Escapade coming to an end, FarmVille and Zynga may soon be rolling out the Fruit Festival escapade to farmers! As usual there will be 12 stages in this escapade and 12 exclusive rewards to be won upon the completion of each! We have found some unreleased images related to the Fruit Festival Escapade. Scroll down to take a look!

Note: This event is expected to run from 23rd July, 2013 to 13th August, 2013.

FarmVille Fruit Festival Animated Preview

Below we have shown the determined stages, requirements, and rewards that may be won from this escapade.

Stage 1
Task 1:
Get 12 Wooden Baskets
Task 2:
Get 12 Plastic Mini Baskets
Task 3:
Get 6 Strawberry Seeds
Lime Picking Cat
23rd July to 25th July 2013
Stage 2
Task: Get 6 Grape Vines
Lemon Twist Tree
25th July to 26th July 2013
Stage 3
Task: Get 6 Lemon Twists
Strawberry Rabbit
26th July to 27th July 2013
Stage 4
Task: Get 6 Raspberry Jams
Apple Stand
27th July to 28th July 2013
Stage 5
Task: Get 6 Lemon Slices
Giant Lime Slice Tree
28th July to 29th July 2013
Stage 6
Task: Get 7 Lime Slices
Jam Gnome
29th July to 30th July 2013
Stage 7
Task: Get 7 Dogwood Buds
Loquat Jam Tree
30th July to 31st July 2013
Stage 8
Task: Get 7 Loquat Seeds
Ice Tea Maker Gnome
31st July to 1st August 2013
Stage 9
Task: Get 8 friends to help
Dogwood Cow
1st August to 3rd August 2013
Stage 10
Task 1:
Get 10 Orange Juicers
Task 2:
Get 12 Peach Ice Creams
Task 3:
Get 8 Apricot Butters
Peach Ice Cream Tree
3rd August to 7th August 2013
Stage 11
Task: Get 6 Watermelon Seeds
Baby Apricot Sheep
7th August to 9th August 2013
Stage 12
Task 1:
Get 10 Canteloupe Scoops
Task 2:
Get 12 Honeydew Jams
Task 3:
Get 6 Iced Tea Pitchers
Summer Harvest Unicorn
9th August to 13th August 2013

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