FarmVille New Animal Pen Harvesters In The Market

FarmVille and Zynga have released 2 new Animal Pen Harvesters in the market - Size 12 and Size 40. Earlier we had the Size 20 Animal Pen Harvester which could be used to harvest 20 Animal Pens at a time. However, now with the Size 12 and Size 40 Vehicles we will be able to harvest 12 and 40 Animal Pens respectively with a single click! Read below for more information.

FarmVille Animal Pen Harvesters Pop Up

While the regular Animal Pen Harvester (Size 20) costs 75 Farm Cash, the Size 12 and the Size 40 Vehicles are available for 35 Farm Cash and 110 Farm Cash respectively.

Size 20
Size 12
Size 40

Now farmers will have a wide range of these special vehicles to choose from! Will you be investing your money in any of these? Let us know by commenting below. Happy Farming!