FarmVille Pegababies: Grow Babies Into Fantasy Animals

FarmVille and Zynga may soon be rolling out the Pegababies feature to farmers! This upcoming feature may turn out to be similar to the previously released Fantasy Felines where farmers could grow cats into fantasy animals! However, in the Pegababies feature it seems that babies of different animal species will be included. Scroll down for a preview of the unreleased images and animations we dug out for you!

FarmVille Pegababies Pop Up Notification On Farm

Below we have shown some of the animal babies that may be associated with the Pegababies.

Pega Babybrown Elephant
Pegalop Kit
Mallard Pegaduckling
Giraffe Dream Pegababy
Pega Hedgehoglet
Pega Lynx Cub
Potbelly Pegapiglet
Strawberry Swirl Pegapony
Monkey Pegababy

We shall update you with more information and images once we find out! Do visit us again for all the latest news and updates on FarmVille. Happy Farming!