FarmVille Limited Edition Porcelain Shrub Flower Crop: 14th August, 2013

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FarmVille and Zynga have added a limited edition Flower crop called Porcelain Shrub to the market this Tuesday night under the Porcelain theme. Farmers may be harvesting Porcelain Shrub as part of this week's Leaderboard Challenges. This crop will be available in the FarmVille market for the next 2 months, that is until 13th October, 2013.

Note: If you are going to pre-plant Porcelain Shrub for the unreleased Leaderboards, then plant at your own risk because Zynga may change the requirements without prior notice.

Porcelain Shrub
Mastery Sign
Market Stall

Market Information
Additional Information
Mastery 600+600+600=1800
Harvest in 23 Hours
Buy 120 Coins
Gain 327 Coins

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