FarmVille Limited Edition Fairy Tale Market Update: 10th September, 2013

FarmVille and Zynga have added some previously released items to the market this Monday night under the Fairy Tale theme! Farmers will be able to purchase the following limited edition trees, animals, and decorations for the next 2 weeks or until 24th September, 2013! Scroll down for a preview of all items along with their price.

Crystal Apple Tree
Dryad Tree
Storm Cloud Tree
6 Farm Cash - Level 1
6 Farm Cash - Level 1
6 Farm Cash - Level 1

Ancient Twist Tree
Spirit Tree
Water Crystal Tree
12 Farm Cash - Level 2
14 Farm Cash - Level 2
12 Farm Cash - Level 2

Gryphon Gossamer
Snow Dragon
16 Farm Cash
18 Farm Cash
20 Farm Cash

Kelpie Pony
Stone Spirit Unicorn
Stormy Pegacorn
26 Farm Cash
30 Farm Cash
30 Farm Cash

Mouse Mount Fairy
Sun Fairy Guard
Goblin Guard
7 Farm Cash
10 Farm Cash
10 Farm Cash

Beetle Mount Goblin
Sun Owl
Raven Mount Fairy
10 Farm Cash
7 Farm Cash
9 Farm Cash
12 Farm Cash

Will you be purchasing any of these items? Let us know by commenting below! Join our Facebook Group if you have questions related to the game. Happy Farming!