FarmVille Mystical Groves: Mystic Points And Double Mystic Point Statue

The Mystical Groves farm will have a new system of earning experience points called the Mystic Points system! As players complete various tasks and buy new Mystical Groves items, they will gain Mystic Points to level up on the new farm! There will also be a Double Mystic Point Statue on sale at some point in the game! Read more below!

In order to earn Mystic Points farmers may carry out various tasks like harvesting the Mystical Groves crops, build and upgrade the feature buildables, restore the Mystical Groves Treasures, purchase items that give Mystic Points, and expand the Mystical Groves farm.
Mystic Points

There will be a Double Mystic Points Statue on sale at some point in the game! Purchasing a Double Mystic Points Statue and placing it on your farm will allow you to gain Double Mystic points during the completion of various tasks where applicable!  The price of this Statue is expected to be 225 Farm Cash!

Showcasing Double Mystic Points Statue On The Loading Screen

Below is an preview of the level up animation on the new farm.