Farmville Mystical Groves Starter Packs

FarmVille will be releasing Starter Packs for the Mystical Groves farm at some point in the game to help farmers get a jump start on the new farm's farming! The starter packs will be loaded with building parts for the different Mystical Groves buildables and also level up points for the new farm! Read more below.

To begin with, take a look at the animated pop up of the Mystical Groves Starter Packs.

It appears that there will be 3 different starter packages as shown below. As seen in the animation above, the starter packs may contain 3 limited edition items, Unicorn Bridge parts, Treasure parts, and Mystical Points or level up points of the new farm. The price of the packages and their actual contents will be mentioned when confirmed. Also, the names of the starter may vary when released.

Mystical Starter Pack Fantasy Starter Pack Twilight Starter Pack