FarmVille Limited Edition Autumn Market Update: 8th October 2013

FarmVille and Zynga have decided to bring back some previously released items to the market this Monday night under the Autumn theme! Farmers will be able to purchase the following limited edition animals, decorations and buildings for the next 2 weeks or until 22nd October, 2013! Read more for details.

Maple Wreath Cow Spotted Draft Horse Maple Leaf Horse Harvest Mini Horse
45,000 Farm Coins 26 Farm Cash 26 Farm Cash 24 Farm Cash
Bass Bear Chipmunk N Nuts Orange Duck Striped Possum
12 Farm Cash 40,000 Farm Coins 16 Farm Cash 5,000 Farm Coins
Red Devon Ox Maple Leaf Boar Longwool Sheep Maple Leaf Ram
20 Farm Cash 16 Farm Cash 16 Farm Cash 20 Farm Cash

Fall Fountain Autumn Gourds Colonial Carriage Colonial Fence Pig Balloon
35000 Farm Coins 2 Farm Cash 12 Farm Cash 7,000 Farm Coins 100,000 Farm Coins
Fall Knoll Fall Hedgehog Fiddler Scarecrow Drummer Gnome Mandolin Gnome
50,000 Farm Coins 35,000 Farm Coins 5,000 Farm Coins 12 Farm Cash 12 Farm Cash
Cow Balloon Wool Spinning Wheel Yellow Warblers
3 Farm Cash 30,000 Farm Coins 35,000 Farm Coins

Fall Colonial Home Clapboard House Fall Garden Shed Pilgrim Cabin
20 Farm Cash 15 Farm Cash 40,000 Farm Coins 3,000,000 Farm Coins

Will you be purchasing any of these items? Let us know by commenting below. Click here to join our Facebook Group if you are looking for neighbors and friends for FarmVille. Happy Farming!