FarmVille Limited Edition Dreams & Nightmares Market Update: 3rd October, 2013

FarmVille and Zynga have decided to release some brand new items this Wednesday night under the Dreams & Nightmares theme! Farmers will be able to purchase the following limited edition trees, animals, and decorations for the next 2 weeks or until 17th October, 2013! Read more below for details.

Moon and Stars Tree Another World Tree Stormy Butterfly Tree Dreamy Butterfly Tree
8 Farm Cash - Level 1 14 Farm Cash - Level 2 6 Farm Cash - Level 1 12 Farm Cash - Level 2

Dandelion Blowing Duck Dream Hydra Sleeping Pillow Pig
16 Farm Cash 14 Farm Cash 16 Farm Cash

Blue Fire Mustang Blue Fire Mustang Foal Sinister Candle Dream Deer Sinister Candle Dream Fawn
Blue Fire Mustang - 26 Farm Cash Sinister Candle Dream Deer - 20 Farm Cash

Sandman Pegacorn Sandman Pegacorn Foal Nightmare Unicorn Nightmare Unicorn Foal
Sandman Pegacorn - 30 Farm Cash Nightmare Unicorn - 30 Farm Cash

Dreaming Pegacorn Floating Dream Bed Floating Gazebo
16 Farm Cash 16 Farm Cash 14 Farm Cash

Sheep Jumping Fence Sinister Pipe Organ Storm Monster Under Bed
16 Farm Cash 12 Farm Cash 10 Farm Cash

Will you be purchasing any of these items? Let us know by commenting below! Join our Facebook Group if are looking for neighbors and also if you have questions related to the game. Happy Farming!