FarmVille Unreleased Halloween Items: 1st October, 2013

With the Halloween 2013 celebrations approaching FarmVille and Zynga may soon release some Halloween items in the game! We have found some unreleased images of trees, animals, decorations and more. Check them out below.

Hallow Dream Tree Giant Hallow Dream Tree Lantern Fairy Tree Giant Lantern Fairy Tree
Violet Dryad Tree Giant Violet Dryad Tree Witch Fire Peach Tree Giant Witch Fire Peach Tree
Fairy Pumpkin Pegacorn Fairy Pumpkin Pegacorn Foal Red Fairy Dragicorn Duckuless Hydra
Witch Fire Pegacorn Witch Fire Pegacorn Foal Pumpkin Fairy Deer Pumpkin Fairy Fawn
Purple Night Deer Purple Night Fawn Blue Imp Purple Fuzzy Bat
Golem Fairy Fly Duck Spectral Duck Zombie Duck
Jack O Chicken Jack O Mystery Egg Pink Nightmare Chicken Pink Nightmare Mystery Egg
Pilot Dragon Dear Horn Dwarf Gnome Duckuless Retreat Pumpkin Fairy Falls
Purple Nightmare Owl Monster Patch Jack O Lily Crop