FarmVille Lights or Delights Voting

FarmVille and Zynga may soon release the Lights or Delights? voting event to farmers! We have found some unreleased images related to this upcoming event! Read more to take a look!

This event is expected to go live on 27th November, 2013.

Below is a preview of the FarmVille loading screen showcasing the Lights or Delights Voting.

As always, there will be a building involved in this voting event. The initial stage of the building and its two different final stages are shown below. Depending on the number of votes earned on either sides, farmers may get to keep one of the two buildings.

The possible rewards of this voting event and its unconfirmed stages are shown below.


Color Record Tree

Fruit Cake Tree

Flashy Tree

Flocked Tree

Groupie Gnome

Movie Night Gnome

Singing Chicken

Nutcracker Chicken II

Chef Sheep

Garcon Sheep

Fluffy Cow

Combed Cow

Cozy Bear

Roadie Goat

Palomino Pop Horse

Classy Clydesdale

Tinsel Maned Pony

Ribbon Pony

Holiday Elegance Pegacorn

Carol Pegacorn