FarmVille Fields of El Dorado Jungle Hideaway

The Fields of El Dorado farm will be accompanied by a new crafting building called the Jungle Hideaway which will be similar to the Hollybright Park and farmers will be able to craft items in it to train animals! As with the other buildings, we expect the Jungle Hideaway to be accessible from all farms, no matter whether we have joined the new farm or not. Read more below.

To begin with, take a look at the loading screen of the Jungle Hideaway.

Now take a look at the different Raw Material Stations and Machines where we will be crafting goods.

Bird Roost Oasis
Buried Treasure
Fabric Weaver
Feather Nest
Gold Mine
Painting Ground Oasis
Pestle and Mortar
Pillar of Gold Oasis
Tree Grove Oasis
Wall Oasis
Waterfall Oasis
Watering Hole
Weaving Post Oasis
Wild Fruit Tree

Finally take a look at the different goods to be crafted.

Ancient Statue
Ball Game Goal
Beaded Necklace
Body Paint
Ceramic Bowl
Colorful Horn Hat
Crowning Headpiece
Decorative Rug
Detailed Stool
Studded Gold Ring
Tall Vase
Treasured Pendant
Weaved Blanket
Wild Feather Mask
Dwelling Feed Crate Dwelling Water Tub Feather Charm Mixed Berry Cup Mystery Treat
Elaborate Shawl
Embellished Necklace
Exotic Headdress
Exotic Waistband
Feathered Earrings
Gilded Drum
Gilt Belt
Painted Pebbles
Patterned Legwraps
Shimmering Cuff
Oasis Water Trough
Water Bowl
Wild Fruit Smoothie