FarmVille Holiday Lights Chapter 8 Quest Guide

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FarmVille and Zynga have added the Holiday Lights Chapter 8 Quests to the game! These quests are expected to run from 23rd December, 2013 until 30th December, 2013. Read more for a preview of the requirements, rewards, and tips.

Story-line: "Ho, ho, ho! Hello, Hollybright! Thank you for taking such good care of Zang for me. I sent her here to report back on whether or not the stories I hear are true. Turns out they were, and then some! I don't have much time, but I would love to take a look around and see the spirit of Hollybright for myself!"

Note: These quests are supposed to be carried out on the Holiday Lights farm only.  However, if the quest icon for a respective quest be visible on any other farm, then you may carry out the specific quest on that farm.

Ho, Ho, Hollybright!
Here Comes Santa Claus Task 1Task 2Task 3Reward 1Reward 2
Hollybright Tour Guide  Hollybright Poinsettia  allSparkleLights  North Pole Peacock 
Get 7 Hollybright Tour GuideHarvest 125 Hollybright Poinsettia (15 hrs 54 mins)Craft 3 Sparkle Lights in Craftshop1 North Pole Peacock1 Hollybright Scissors
Other Rewards: 150 XP  430  Share Rewards: Fertilize All Fertilize All 
Tip: Craft 3 Sparkle Lights Bucket (or Chest or Crate) in your Craftshop using 9 Glass Icicle Bushels, 9 Holiday Stained Glass Bushel and 9 Auroral Rosemary Bushels. Each takes 8 hrs to complete.

Wish You Were Here
Here Comes Santa Claus Task 1Task 2Task 3Reward 1Reward 2
Hollybright Postcards  Luminous Ginger  Hollybright Tree  Santa Tree Sparkle Spackle 
Get 8 Hollybright PostcardsHarvest 175 Luminous Ginger (19 hrs 54 mins)Open the 20th Hollybright Tree Present1 Santa Tree1 Sparkle Spackle
Other Rewards: 200 XP  440  Share Rewards: Special Delivery Box Special Delivery Box 

Meet and Greet
Here Comes Santa Claus Task 1Task 2Task 3Reward 1Reward 2
Invitations  Candle Light Cranberries  hollybrightwhistle  North Pole Fountain Roasting Chestnuts Bushel 
Get 9 InvitationsHarvest 225 Candle Light Cranberries (23 hrs)Make 5 Hollybright Whistles in Hollybright Park1 North Pole Fountain1 Roasting Chestnuts Bushel
Other Rewards: 250 XP  450  Share Rewards: Small Fuel Can Small Fuel Can 
Make 5 Hollybright Whistles in the Training Enclosure of your Hollybright Park using 15 Gold Stars and 5 Lead Line. Each takes 2 hrs to complete.

Running Lights
Here Comes Santa Claus Task 1Task 2Task 3Reward 1
Sleigh Lights  Auroral Corn  Seasonal Spirit  Elf Magic Deer 
Get 9 Sleigh LightsHarvest 275 Auroral Corn (46 hrs)Craft 2 Seasonal Spirits in Sparkle Cafe1 Elf Magic Deer
Other Rewards: 300 XP  460  Share Rewards: Fertilize All Fertilize All 
Craft 2 Seasonal Spirits in Sparkle Cafe (5-Star) using 6 Seasonal Spirits Bushels, 6 Hollybright Poinsettia Bushels and 6 Peppermint Bushels.

Replacing Rudolph?
Here Comes Santa Claus Task 1Task 2Task 3Reward 1Reward 2
Reindeer Lights  Radiant Radish  Cinnaburst Chestnuts  North Pole Baby Dragon Evergreen Cedar Beam 
Get 10 Reindeer LightsHarvest 325 Radiant Radish (12 hrs)Craft 2 Cinnaburst Chestnuts in Sparkle Cafe (5-Star)1 North Pole Baby Dragon1 Evergreen Cedar Beam
Other Rewards: 350 XP  470  Share Rewards: Special Delivery Box Special Delivery Box 
Tip: Craft 2 Cinnaburst Chestnuts in Sparkle Cafe (5-Star) using 4 Cinnabursts Bushels, 6 Roasting Chestnuts Bushels and 6 Sunflower Bushels.

Another Masterpiece
Here Comes Santa Claus Task 1Task 2Task 3Reward 1Reward 2
Runway Lights  Roasting Chestnuts  Roasting Chestnuts  North Pole Pegacorn 3 pack of Turbo Chargers 
Get 12 Runway LightsHarvest 400 Roasting Chestnuts (23 hrs)Master Roasting Chestnuts to 2-Stars (1200 Harvests)1 North Pole PegacornOne 3 Pack of Turbo Chargers
Other Rewards: 400 XP  480  Share Rewards: Small Fuel Can Small Fuel Can 
Tip: Remember to use a Roasting Chestnuts bushel from your market stall before harvesting to take advantage of Extra Mastery Bonus during Super Harvest. Click here for more information.

Note: Requirements may change without prior notice. We will do our best to keep you updated. You are, therefore, advised to keep checking the guide occasionally on our website.

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