FarmVille Naughty or Nice Voting

With the Holiday Hideaway Voting winding up, FarmVille and Zynga are all set to release the Naughty or Nice voting event to farmers on 18th December, 2013! Check out the confirmed stages and rewards below and do share this post for your friends.

This event is expected to run from 18th December, 2013 to 8th January, 2014.

Let us begin by taking a look at the loading screen of this voting event!

As always, there will be a building involved in this voting event. The initial stage of the building and its two different final stages are shown below. Depending on the number of votes earned on either sides, farmers may get to keep one of the two buildings.

The confirmed stages and rewards of this voting event are shown below.


Coal Chicken

Gift Chicken

Naughty Gnome

Nice Gnome

Horn Tree

Halo Tree

Devil Cow

Arch Angel Cow

Devil in the Box

Angel in the Box

Naughty Deer

Nice Deer

Crystal Coal Tree

Gift Tree

Coal Horse

Present Horse

Naughty Sheep

Nice Sheep

The Devil's Tractor

Angel's Tractor

Naughty Pegasus

Nice Pegasus

Coal Pegacorn

Present Pegacorn

For each combination of voting stage you complete you will receive a free Book of XP, instead of unlocking new things.

When sharing the post to the Feed, your friends will get a Special Delivery Box for helping out.

What are your thoughts on this upcoming voting event? Do you like the rewards? Let us know by commenting below! Click here to join our Facebook Group and never miss any of our updates. Happy Farming!